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About Rubadub: We sell a large range of carefully selected recording software, studio equipment and DJ gear. We always strive to bring you the very latest Synths and Software. We price our products keenly and aim to offer the best service on music gear in the UK. We're good guys to deal with.

New Products

Our Favourites

  1. Ableton Push Live Controller Instrument Ableton Push Live Controller & Instrument

    Regular Price: £399.00

    Special Price £319.00

  2. Arturia MiniBrute SE Analog Synth w/ Sequencer Arturia MiniBrute SE Analog Synth w/ Sequencer

    Regular Price: £449.00

    Special Price £349.00

  3. Korg MicroKorg XL+ Analogue Synth Korg MicroKorg XL+ Analogue Modelling Compact Synth

    Regular Price: £339.00

    Special Price £289.00

  4. Korg MS20 Analogue Synth (Kit) Korg MS20 Analogue Synth (Kit)
  1. Waldorf Rocket Compact Desktop Synth Waldorf Rocket Desktop Synth w/ Analog Filters

    Regular Price: £185.00

    Special Price £139.00

Rubadub Store on Howard Street

The Store

Our shop is on Howard Street in Glasgow. We’ve been here for 20 years selling Records and Music Equipment. We make music ourselves so we understand what’s really needed to get great sounds and record them, whether it’s for yourself or for the world to hear. If you're in the area, come and see us.

Shop Hours:

10AM to 6PM Mon to Sat
1-5PM Sundays & Bank Holidays