Jomox MBrane 11 Analogue Percussion Module

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Analogue percussion module

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Manufacturer: Jomox

Category: Beats & Sequencing

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Wood blocks, hi-hats, snares, handclaps, out of this world percussion mania? This box does the lot. If you're looking to add a little analogue spice to your live set-up or to your studio then the Jomox modules could be the very dab. Small in size but absolutely massive in sound, the MBrane (and it's bottom-end partner, the MBase) delivers the kind of analogue rawness that classic drum machines did back in the day but at an affordable price and with none of the troublesome reliability issues. It's simple, if you want big drums you need a Jomox module.

Additional Info

Additional Info

  • 2 T-OSC, each of tune and dampening adjustable, both couplings in either direction adjustable
  • 110 presets (10 User RAM, 100 FLASH)
  • Fully analog with storeable parameters
  • 2 analog envelopes for membranes and noise that are controlled by one parameter (decay)
  • White Noise, Metal Noise with 65535 different noise pattern combinations
  • Trigger gate time 0.5ms-10ms, up to 4-times multi trigger possible
  • 8 wave forms: Saw +/-, Sine +/-, Tri +/-, Rect +/-, modulates the pitch of one or both the T-OSC, starts always syncronous to the note trigger and is pitch envelope at the same time
  • Midi Midi In, Midi Out
  • 1 data wheel, 1 potentiometer, 5 buttons, 16 LEDs for parameters and functions
  • Outputs 1 mono out 1/4" RCA jack
  • Output Level approx 0dBu
  • External analog trigger input, sensivity adjustable
  • 9V DC
  • Weight  0.5 kg, 1.1 lbs.
  • Dimensions 145x155x35mm
Manufacturer's Part Number MBR-11
Manufacturer Jomox
also known as MBrane 11 Analog Percussion Synthesizer
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