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Manufacturer: Korg

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Guitar Tuner

Korg GA-30 - The Ultra-compact LCD Needle-Style Dedicated Guitar and Bass Tuner!
High accuracy and superb functionality have made Korg tuners the worldwide favorite. Now, the new GA-30 joins the best-selling GA series of tuners. With even more features, like a pitch reference tone and quinta-flat tuning, the GA-30 is the guitar tuner that packs basic functionality and convenient tuning functions into ultra-compact bodies.


  • Ultra-compact design
  • High-precision LCD needle-type meter for stable tuning
  • Quinta Flat Tuning mode lets you tune 1--5 semitones flat
  • Supports 7-string guitar tunings
  • Sound Out can produce a reference tone from the internal speaker
  • Auto Power Off function conserves battery life
  • Approximately 100 hours of continuous use

An Easy-to-Use Dedicated Guitar and Bass Tuner
This dedicated bass and guitar tuner lets you select either Guitar mode or Bass mode for truly easy operation with automatically detected pitch. The wide detection range supports a 7-string guitar (7B through 1E) in Guitar mode, and 6-string bass (Low-B, Hi-C) in Bass mode. A high-sensitivity microphone is built-in, allowing easy and accurate tuning of acoustic guitars.

Ultra-compact Body with a "Tilt Slit"
Although the GA-30 is a small, thin, and light guitar tuner, don't let its pocket-sized body fool you. The GA-30 can accurately tune any guitar or bass. From studio to stage, tuning is easy and convenient. The back of the hand held tuner includes a unique arc-shaped "tilt slit" that lets you insert a plastic card for use as a handy stand.

High-Precision LCD Meter
The meter section uses an LCD needle, combining the accuracy of an LCD with the easy visibility of a needle, and providing a stable display. Additional visual feedback is provided by LEDs that indicate pitch deviation.

Sound Out -- Internal Speaker Provides a Reference Pitch
In addition to visual tuning via meter, the GA-30 is a guitar tuner that can play reference pitches from its internal speaker (Sound Out) for tuning by ear. Each press of the Sound switch will cycle the output sound through 7B->6E->5A->4D->3G->2B->1E in Guitar mode, or LB->4E->3A->2D->1G->HC in Bass mode.

Quinta Flat Tuning mode -- a worldwide first!
The GA-30's Quinta Flat Tuning mode supports the lowered tunings used in heavy metal styles to give more weight to the sound. Until now, dedicated guitar tuners have supported a maximum of only four semitones below standard pitch, but the GA-30 gives you five steps of flatted tuning, extending as far as five semitones below standard pitch, and supporting even super-long scale guitars that are five frets longer than conventional guitars.

Auto Power Off Function
If you leave the guitar tuner powered-on for 20 minutes without performing any operation, the Auto Power Off function will turn the power off automatically, avoiding unnecessary battery consumption.

Approximately 100 hours of continuous use
Low-power consumption design allows an amazing 100 hours (approximate) of continuous battery life (A4 continuous input, Meter mode, zinc-carbon batteries).

Additional Info

Additional Info


12 note equal-tempered

Detection range:
23.12Hz - 1975.54Hz

Guitar Reference tone:

Bass Reference tone:

Built-in Speaker

Tuning modes:
Meter (auto guitar/bass) and Sound (auto guitar/bass)

Flat tuning:
1 - 5 semitones "Quinta Flat"

Tuning accuracy:

Sound accuracy:

Connection jack:
Input jack (1/4" mono)

Power supply:
Two AAA batteries 3V

Battery life:
Approximately 100 hours

4.1"(104mm) Wide x 2.52"(64mm) Deep x 0.6(15mm) High

2.86 oz (81g) (Including batteries)

Included items:
Owner's Manual, (2)AAA batteries