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 functional block of a 2D analog graphics engine. 

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Manufacturer: LZX Industries

Category: Keyboards & Synths

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Navigator is a functional block of a 2D analog graphics engine.  Designed to take two input voltages representing X and Y points on a display, it can perform adjustment and modulation of their position, anchor point, and continuous rotation in 360 degrees.  A typical use case is to process the horizontal and vertical ramp waveforms generated by Visual Cortex, before passing them to a shape or pattern generator.  In this case, Navigator repositions and rotates the resulting shape.  Since the entire signal path performs at video rates from input to output, the processing opportunities are limitless: cycle color components of external video, rotate objects inside of rotating objects with series processing, or patch your outputs into an XY display, laser projector interface or oscilloscope to open a whole new world of possibilities.

    • Voltage controlled XY position and anchor point channels allow summing of a modulating voltage before and after rotation processes.

    • Analog rotation processor with digital control allows modulation of the hue angle directly, or of the rotation spin speed in clockwise or counterlockwise directions.

    • Dual full wave rectifiers allow for ramp-to-triangle shaping of the input signal. This enables quadrilateral and bilateral symmetrical mirroring of the resulting transformations.

    • Signal path performs at high frequency, video rate speeds from input to output.

  • AC/DC input coupling switches and inverting level attenuators on  voltage control inputs
Weight8 oz
Dimensions6 x 4 x 2 in


Mounting Depth

1.25 inches (31.75mm)

+12V Power Consumption


-12V Power Consumption


Video Synchronization

Sync input/through via rear RCA jacks.

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Additional Info

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