Orthogonal Devices ER-102 Eurorack Sequencer Module

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an expander for the ER-101 Indexed Quad Sequencer.

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Manufacturer: Orthogonal Devices

Category: Keyboards & Synths

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Orthogonal Devices ER-102 Eurorack Sequencer Module is an expander for the ER-101 Indexed Quad Sequencer.

It adds the following features to the ER-101:

  • Up to 99 parts (each with its own reset step and looped section) per snapshot
  • part selection/activation is under CV/gate control
  • various part transition behaviors
  • up to 16 groups of steps per snapshot
  • perform operations on groups of steps
  • route 3 channels of CV/gate modulation to steps via groups
  • new invert and rotate operations
  • step record (a.k.a. remote control)
  • real-time record
  • alter record (a.k.a. real-time overdub)
  • essentially infinite storage via uSD card
  • firmware upgradeable via uSD card
  • and more!

Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 3cm from the back of the faceplate
  • Current Consumption: max 80mA from +12V only
  • Digital Inputs: x7 (threshold=2V)
  • Analog Inputs: x8 (-10V to +10V, 14-bit sampled at 7kHz)

You will need to update your ER-101's firmware to at least v2.00 in order to use it with the ER-102.