Presonus Firestudio Project Firewire Recording Interface

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Great for professional studio recording - live sound recording - performance - podcasting and more - the FireStudio Project is designed for flexibility and ultra-high sonic performance.


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Manufacturer: Presonus

Category: Recording & Playback



The FireStudio Project a complete 24-bit/96K professional recording system combining eight Class A XMAX microphone preamplifiers - 24-bit/96k sample rate conversion - zero-latency matrix router mixer - and the PreSonus ProPak Software Suite featuring Steinberg's Cubase LE 4 48-track recording and production software - over 25 real-time plug-in effects (EQ's - compressors - reverbs) - and more than 2 GB of drum loops and samples.


Whether you need to record a live drum set - mic a guitar amp - or a complete band - the FireStudio Project is ready and more than able. With the new FireControl Mixer/Router you can send up to five individual mixes to different musicians during recording so that every band member can have a custom headphone mix.


The FireStudio Project can be daisy-chained with one or more FireStudio Projects or FireStudio Tubes to expand your number of recording inputs. Two and three units daisy-chained in any combination has been tested at PreSonus - however - the total number of units that can be daisy-chained depends on your computer's processor speed - amount of RAM and computer configuration

The FireStudio Project also includes the FireControl mixer/router a 18x10 DSP mixer/router for flexible mixing and direct routing any input to any output including the headphone output - with zero latency. The FireControl software application lives between your FireStudio Project interface and your DAW software enabling the mixing and routing of input streams coming into your FireStudio Studio Project interface and playback stream coming from your DAW software.

Additional Info

Additional Info


Computer System Requirements
Below are the minimum computer system requirements for your FireStudio Project.



* OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 and Vista 32
* Computer: Windows compatible computer with FireWire port.
* CPU/Clock: Pentium - Celeron with 1.6Ghz or higher
* Memory(RAM): 512 MB (1 GB recommended)




* OS: MacOS X 10.4.x or later (10.5 supported with driver update)
* Computer: Apple Macintosh series with on-board FireWire port.
* CPU/Clock: PowerPC G4/Dual 1 GHZ or faster - all Intel-based Mac models.
* Memory(RAM): 512 MB (1 GB recommended)

Note that the speed of your processor - amount of RAM and size and speed of your hard drive will greatly affect the overall performance of your recording system. Also - a more powerful system (faster processor with more RAM) will allow for lower latency (signal delay) that you might experience while monitoring audio or MIDI signals.


Monitor resolution for both PC and Macintosh should be no lower than 1024x768 pixels.

Known compatible and incompatible hardware


Microphone Preamp
Type XLR Female Balanced
Frequency Response (±0.5 dB) 20 Hz to 50 kHz
Frequency Response (±3.0 dB) 20 Hz to 150 kHz
Input Impedance (Balanced) 1600 Ω
THD+N (unwtd - 1kHz @ +4 dBu Output - Unity Gain < 0.0003%
EIN (unwtd - 55dB Gain - 150 Ω Input - 20Hz to 22kHz -126 dBu
S/N Ratio (Unity Gain - unwtd - Ref. = +4 dBu - 20Hz to 22 kHz > 101dB
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (1 kHz - 55 dB Gain) > 55dB
Gain Control Range (± 1dB) -4 dB to 50dB

Maximum Input Level (Unity Gain - 1 kHz @ 0.5% THD+N) +14 dBu
Signal Level LEDS
Red / Clip (±0.5 dB)
Yellow (±0.5 dB)
Green (±0.5 dB)
+10 dBu (o dBFS)
+4 dBu (-6 dBFS)
-30 dBu (-40 dBFS)
Phantom Power (±2 VDC) +48 VDC
Instrument Input (channels 1 & 2 only)
Type XLR Female Balanced
Input Impedance 1 MΩ
Line Inputs
Type XLR Female Balanced
Frequency Response (±0.5 dB) 20 Hz to 50 kHz
Frequency Response (±3.0 dB) 20 Hz to 150 kHz
Input Impedance (Balanced) 10 KΩ
THD+N (unwtd - 1kHz @ +4 dBu Output - Unity Gain < 0.0003%
S/N Ratio (Unity Gain - unwtd - Ref. = +4 dBu - 20Hz to 22 kHz > 101dB
Gain Control Range (±1 dB) -16dB to +16dB
Maximum Input Level (Unity Gain - 1 kHz @ 0.5% THD+N) +10 dBu
Maximum Input Level (Minimum Gain - 1 kHz @ 0.5% THD+N) +22 dBu
Line Ouputs (including Preamp Output - General Purpose Outputs and Main Outputs)

Type ¼" TRS Balanced
Output Impedance 51 Ω
Headphone Output
Type ¼" TRS Active Stereo
Maximum Output 150 mW/CH @ 60 Ω Load
Frequency Response (±1.0 dB) 10 Hz - 70kHz

Digital Audio
FireWire (IEEE 1394) Speed 400mbps
ADC Dynamic Range (Awtd - 48 kHz Sample Rate) 114 dB
DAC Dynamic Range (Awtd - 48 kHz Sample Rate) 114 dB
Bit Depth 24
Reference Level for 0dBFS +10 dBu
Internal Sample Frequency Selections (kHz) 44.1 - 48 - 88.2 - 96
Jitter Specification <20ps RMS - 20Hz-20kHz
Jitter Attenuation >60dB; 1ns in approx.1ps out
Input Connector Type IEC
Input Voltage (factory configured) 90 to 230 VAC
Power Requirements (Continuous) 20W
Main Chassis
Package Type 1U - steel chassis
Dimensions 19(W) X 1.75(H) X 7(D) inches
Weight 7.0lbs

Manufacturer's Part Number FSPROJECT
Manufacturer Presonus