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4ms Rotating Clock Divider Breakout Eurorack Module

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Manufacturer: 4ms

Category: Electronic Instruments



4ms Rotating Clock Divider Breakout Eurorack Module has to be connected to the internal jumpers of the RCD and allows for switching the division factors, counting direction and automatic reset.

Counting determines how the RCD counts after having received a reset. Either all outputs will turn "high" after a reset and "low" after the first clock or vice versa (downbeat or upbeat).
Gate / Trig: In GATE position gate signals with half the lenghth of the divisor will be output (e.g. the gate will be 2 clocks long at the 4 output and 1.5 clocks at the 3 output). In TRIGGER position short impulses of 40ms length will be provided at the eight outputs
Max Div sets the highest possible divider factor, either 8, 16, 32 or 64.
Auto Reset determines if the RCD will auto-reset itself and if so, after how many clocks (16, 24 or 32 clocks).




Module size:
The RCD is 4HP and 48mm (1.85")

Power consumption:

+12V rail: __mA
+5V rail: not used
-12V rail: not used