Befaco CV Thing Voltage Controlled MIDI Controller Module

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The beating heart of your modular setup. Meet Befaco's CV Thing MIDI Interface.

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Manufacturer: Befaco

Category: Eurorack



Following the success of the VCMC, Befaco have created a streamlined module. Based on the same principles of the VCMC you are able to interact with your MIDI devices directly from your Eurorack synth. Feel empowered through the ability to change MIDI notes, CC and much more in an extraordinary musical way. You'll be free to build a CV centric system, offering you amazing flexibility and innovative modulation.

  • Streamlined version of the renowned VCMC module
  • Allows you to build a CV-centric system
  • Integrate MIDI gear and control them with your Eurorack system
  • Connect your virtual instruments and DAW to the system

A 6 HP version of the VCMC module. Simpler, less connectivity but all the flexibility and power from VCMC. It's the exact same concept as the VCMC in that you pump in CV and control MIDI gear or your DAW and software instruments but in a much smaller package. The faders and buttons have been dropped and just give you 8 CV inputs, a big white knob and that rather nice little screen. The MIDI connections are taken care of by a TRS socket and USB for direct connection to a computer.

Essentially, you've lost the manual controls over MIDI gear that the faders and buttons provided and are just going straight with triggers, notes or modulation. Each of the 8 CV inputs can be mapped to any MIDI message or controller number, note or event. You can send clock, program changes, note on / off and everything you'd expect in MIDI. It's a pretty great way of connecting your modular to your external instruments or software while keeping the control in the Eurorack rather than ceding control to the DAW.


  • Full voltage-controlled MIDI controller
  • 8 CV inputs
  • Directly connect to your computer thanks to a handy USB connection
  • Map out any MIDI message, controller number, note or event





  • Manufacturer: Befaco
  • HP: 6
  • Product Code: CV-Thing