Benidub DS01 Dub Siren

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A modern clone of the most classic and sought after dub sirens. Old school transistors sound FX machine with unique feel and sound.

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Manufacturer: Benidub

Category: Electronic Instruments



The Benidub DS01 Dub Siren is tactile and performative way to use dub sirens in your live or studio recordings.

Featuring, three different LFO speeds including manual switch along with two sinusoidal siren, test tone, and square waveforms, you'll never be short of ideas. Chunky dials and tactile keys it's ready for stage performance and built to last.

  • Second generation clone of the most classic dub siren in the known universe
  • 4 Classic dub siren tones (Sine1, Sine2, Test tone, and Square wave)
  • 3 Base frequencies for the audio oscillator
  • Inbuilt limiter avoids digital clip with any knobs setting or input signal
  • 3 Speeds LFO modulation plus manual Envelope Generator
PSU not included




Audio output: impedance balanced 1/4” TRS Jack
DC Input: 12VDC, 500mA, centre positive, 2.1mm*5,5mm barrel type connector (not included)
Dimensions: 120mm*90mm*40mm

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