Benidub Lickshot - Dubsiren

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Benidub's take on one of the most iconic dubsirens out there - Lickshot.

It generates classic laser-gun/machine-gun sounds and it has been newly improved to allow for a greater diversity of sounds. Switching off the modulation it generates a sort of synth-airhorn sound.!

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Manufacturer: Benidub

Category: Electronic Instruments



  • The Benidub take on one of the most iconic dub sirens
  • Classic machine-gun/laser-gun sound FX
  • Brand new airhorn-like sound FX
  • Modulation speed and frequency pitch control
  • 3 Base frequencies for the audio oscillator




Audio output: impedance balanced 1/4” TRS Jack

DC Input: 12VDC, 500mA, centre positive, 2.1mm*5,5mm barrel type connector

Dimensions: 120mm*90mm*40mm