Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Pro Studio Headphones (80 Ohm)

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The Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones are the studio standard, high-end reference headphones designed specifically for mixing, mastering, and monitoring

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Manufacturer: Beyer Dynamic

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A constant in the music industry - the DT 770 Pro Headphones are ideal for studio use. Thanks to the wide frequency response and exceptional audio fidelity, they allow you to record – confident you’re hearing the real thing. An extended frequency (5Hz - 35kHz), allows you to hear every subtle nuance from your source audio. Its high sound pressure level abilities mean you can turn up the volume to maximum without degrading the audio quality. That means high-end audio in the most demanding situations. The impressive acoustic definition captures musical details that conventional headphones just don’t pick up. The result is pristine audio, with sparkling highs, backed-up by a powerful low-end.

Get the right sound anywhere. Thanks to specialised bass reflex technology you get improved bass response for a powerful low-end sound. Combined with the sound isolation from the closed back design, you can get accurate sound wherever you listen. This version of the DT 770 Pro has an impedance of 80 Ohms, which makes them extremely flexible. Enough to bring out sound detail regardless of the device you're listening on. They're usable with studio equipment all the way to smartphones. The result is a consistently transparent sound with extreme detail at all times.

You’ll be able to listen for hours in absolute comfort. beyerdynamic went to great lengths to make sure the DT 770 Pros minimised listening fatigue. The soft, over-ear pads get you close to the audio drivers without sacrificing any of the relaxing fit. To improve the effect, the DT770’s are fitted with an adjustable headband, which is surrounded by leather cushioning. Underneath the comfort, the materials used are incredibly hardwearing. Built in Germany to last the testing nature of life in the studio, using steel, durable plastics, and leather. Additionally, the DT 770 Pro comes complete with a drawstring bag for storing your headphones and a 6.35mm (1/4 inch) jack adapter.




Transmission Type: Wired
Transducer Type: Dynamic
Headphone Design: Closed
Frequency Response: 5 - 35,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance: 80 Ohms
Nominal SPL: 96 dB
T.H.D: Power Handling Capacity: 100 mW
Construction: Over-Ear
Ambient Noise Attenuation: 18 dBA
Headband Pressure: 3.5 N
Cable: 3m Straight
Connection: Gold Plated Mini Stereo Jack (3.5mm), 1/4" Jack Adapter
Weight: 300g