Carcass Identity

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Debut album from mutant-electronics partnership. Warped, percussive, dub-infused psychedelics, born of live hardware.

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The next release on Phase Group comes in the form of the debut self-titled album by Carcass Identity, the live mutant-electronics partnership of Bruxelles-based artists Ernesto Gonzalez and Matthieu Levet aka Bear Bones Lay Low and Carrageenan.

Following up their breakthrough 2018 EP on Random Numbers, Carcass Identity present us with 6 tracks of warped, percussive, dub-infused psychedelics, born of live hardware jams and succinct sampling work.

Sonically, this LP takes you from the tension-inspiring but dance floor initiating stutter-chug of ‘Things to Forget,’ through the swelling and trance-inducing percussion ride of ‘Spiraling Paradigm’ before ending the A-side with the dubbed-out metallic IDM of ‘Freedom Principle’. On the flip, ‘Quiet Spectator’ is a masterpiece of dread-in-dub ominosity followed by the haunted machine jam of ‘Kundu Basket’. Finally, ‘Desultory’ presents the LPs “grooviest” moment, a repeating and evolving synth line and drum machine combo holding things together while modulating synths and a pitched-vocal sample come in and out of the mix.

As a collection of tracks, this record illustrates perfectly the prowess over hardware manipulation that these two artists possess after years individually releasing music and performing in DIY spaces across Europe and the world. These are two musicians that we hold in highest regard and we’re thrilled to be releasing their debut album together on Phase Group.

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