Cyclone Analogic TT-303 Bass Bot V2 Analog Acid Synth & Sequencer

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Manufacturer: Cyclone Analogic

Category: Keyboards & Synths







Waveforms: Sawtooth or Square

Frequency Range: 20Hz-850Hz


Main Controls


Tempo Knob

Volume Knob

Track/Pattern Bank Selector Knob

Mode Selector Knob

Power On/Off Switch


Audio Controls


Tuning Knob

Filter Cutoff Frequency Knob

Filter Resonance Knob

Filter Envelope Modulation Amount Knob

Filter Envelope Decay Knob

Accent Amount Knob

Waveform Selector Switch


Data Storage


User Patterns: 432 (9 banks of 48 patterns)

Pattern Lab Patterns: 108 (9 banks of 12 patterns)

Preset Patterns: 108 (9 banks of 12 patterns)

User Tracks: 9


Operating Modes


Pattern Write | Loop Edit |Pattern Lab | Arpeggiator

Pattern Play | Preset | Track Play | Track Write | MIDI


Per-step Modifiers


Down Octave | Up Octave | Accent | Slide

Mute | Hammer | Rest / Tie


Pattern Features


Pattern Length: 1-64 steps

Per-step modifier assignment

Time scales: 16th note, 32nd note, 8th note triplet,

16th note triplet

Assignable pattern LED color

Pattern Copy / Paste functions

Intelligent procedural pattern generator

Pattern-based Arpeggiator

Pattern Mutate function


Track Features

Visual track programming system

Maximum Length: 144 bars | Per-bar transpose option



Global Features


Shuffle Amount | Slide Time | Gate Length |

Illuminated buttons: 26

Tap Tempo Input | Automated VCO calibration |

System LED color |

MIDI In / Out channels




Main Mix (1/4" mono, +15dBu)

Headphone (1/4" stereo, +10dBu)

VCO Waveform (1/8”, Sawtooth: 5Vp-p, Square: 3.7Vp-p)

Control Voltage (1/8”, 1V/octave, range 1V5V)

Gate (1/8”, 0V12V)

Accent On (1/8”, 0V5.5V)

Clock (1/8”, DIN Sync compatible, 0V5V)

Start/Stop (1/8”, DIN Sync compatible, 0V5V)

MIDI Out / Thru




Filter In (+4dBu nominal, 100kΩ input impedance)

Power (9VDC, 300mA) | MIDI In


PC Functions


Cyclone Studio application for PC & Mac enables Bass Bot software update and user data backup & restore using MIDI SysEx transfer.




Dimensions: L310mm x W130mm x H35mm | Weight: Unit 783g (Boxed with accessories) 1.332kg


Included Accessories


100-240v Universal Power Adapter | Near Invisible Force Field | Case Transporter | Printed User Manual

Additional Info

Additional Info

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