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Doepfer A-100LC9 Low Cost Case 9 HE PSU3

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High-quality low-cost case featuring 9U of space, suitable for three rows of Eurorack modules

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Manufacturer: Doepfer

Category: Electronic Instruments



The Doepfer A-100LC9 Case 9 HE PSU3 is Doepfer's high-quality low-cost case featuring 9U of space, suitable for three rows of Eurorack modules. The A-100LC9 comes complete with one of Doepfer's A-100PSU3 power supplies, providing you with an efficient and economic power and mounting solution for your modular system. The A-100LC9 is crafted from raw wood with no lacquer, enabling you to add your own personal touch with the medium of your choice. This high-quality case from Doepfer's Germany-based factory is the perfect solution for keeping your modules safe, powered, and mounted in your desired configuration.




Interior: 3 Rows Of 84HP x 3U (Three Bus Boards)
Usable Depth For A-100 Modules: Approximately 80mm in the power supply area (bottom right), approximately 110mm in the remaining area (measured from the inner side of the front panel up to the end of the PCB of the module)
Exterior: Approximately 445mm (W) x 420mm (H) x 160mm (D)
Quantity Of Bus Boards: 3
Weight (Without Modules): Approximately 5.2kg
Finish: Raw Wood

PSU: Doepfer A-100PSU3

Maximum Output Current:
+12V: 2000mA
-12V: 1200mA
+5V: 2000mA (Max. 4000mA when 2A fuse is replaced with 4A)
Input: 100V to 240V AC (Wide Range Mains Input)
Maximum Bus Board Connections: 4 (Provided that the total currents are not exceeded)
Dimensions: 200mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 40mm (H)
Configuration: Assembled & Tested