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Electronic Instruments

Synthesizers, drum machines & samplers come in all shapes in sizes, ranging from the large & extremely powerful (ie. Moog One) to the small but mighty (ie. Elektron Digitakt). These machines are ultimately the backbone of any electronic music making scenario, whether it's in a bonafide studio or a compact bedroom set-up. With so many affordable synths and drum machines available right now, it's never been easier to get started making electronic music: but that doesn't mean it can be easy making your mind up when it comes to choosing what's going to be right for you. Our selection of electronic instruments are hand-picked by us personally, based not only on what we use, but what's holding the interest of the world's best producers and artists. Maybe you always fancied the look of Eurorack, but the sheer vastness of modules on offer plus the idea of trying understand what looks like the cockpit of a Boeing 737 is putting you off? Well your spare room doesn't need to end up looking like Martin Gore's studio, and navigating patching & signal flow might be easier than you think! Perhaps your toying with the idea of upgrading to a more powerful but fairly complex fixed-architecture synth such as the Novation Summit, but want the full lowdown on it's capabilities before dropping nineteen hundered quid on it. Or maybe you just wanna make tracks like Tiesto? Well that's easy: just get someone else to make them ;P - whether you're looking for your first synth / drum / machine, thinking of upgrading or simply need comparisons between things that have similar functions, our 28 years of experience is on hand to help you make the right decision if required.