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Endorphin.es Godspeed VCO Eurorack Module

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Especially great for people starting a modular system, this oscillator is highly recommended. On 6HP it delivers all the features (and more) needed for diving into the depths of West-Coast-Synthesis.

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Manufacturer: Endorphin.es

Category: Electronic Instruments



The Endorphin.es Godspeed+ is sort of the single oscillator version of the famous Furthrrr Generator. From its big brother it takes over the digital Thru-Zero core and the legendary wavefolder. But it also has new features like a suboscillator output and an immensely practical autotune function.

Slim and skiff-friendly 6hp VCO with autotuning and octave shift
Strong Zero VCO core delivers powerful thru-zero linear FM
cv-controllable modulation index with pre-patched self-modulation
sine/fold output features famous Furthrrr Generator folder
odd+/even output plus additional sub-oscillator out for deeeep basses





CV: 1V/Oct, FM, mood index (modulationindex), furthrrr (waveshaper), Hard Sync, Soft Sync

Audio: even/odd, side/fold, sub