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FuckPunk Merry Xmas 2020 Zine

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48 pages made by DJ Oa$is (aka Ossia) put together pretty much entirely by hand

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Yes, that’s right – XMA$ IS HERE! And what better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Coca Cola, stuffed Turkeys, and the celebration of consumerist extreme-sports championships during times such as the Boxing Day sale, the day when the rich would give presents to the poor, rewarding them for being patient during actual christmas, when entitled people were supposed to celebrate. Anyway, where were we – Ah yeah – MERRY XMA$ 2020 – from FuckPunk – this Zine, made by DJ Oa$is (aka Ossia) just recently whilst locked down in Berlin, was put together pretty much entirely by hand, well apart from a few google image print outs that then got glued, blu tacked, ripped, and photocopiers… – no photoshop involved here. Inside the zine, across 48 pages, plus two A4 neon print colour posters, you will enter an exploration into the world of 2020 and the mysteries of XMA$ – a kaleidoscopic descent into FuckPunk’d imagery exposing the darkest depths of warped print degradation, shining the pretty bright lights of the photocopier right into the portal of the world in 2020, with added GOAT LIFE.