LZX Visual Cortex

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integrated core module with all the essential functions required for modular video synthesis in the EuroRack format.

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Manufacturer: LZX Industries

Category: Keyboards & Synths



Visual Cortex is an integrated core module with all the essential functions required for modular video synthesis in the EuroRack format.  Alone it is capable of a wide variety of processes: multi-format video input and output, shape and pattern synthesis, rich analog RGB color effects, master horizontal/vertical waveform and sync generation, luma and chroma keying, and much more.  When extended by other video synthesis modules from LZX Industries, it serves as a powerful base station from which to expand.


    • The input decoder section prepares external video for processing inside the modular video synthesis system. The input is Component/YPbPr for full color analog processing. The Y input may be used by Composite video sources for monochromatic video only.


    • Output encoder translates any type of voltage — video, audio, CV, logic — into video signals suitable for display or recording. Outputs include Composite, S-Video and Component/YPbPr.


    • Sync generator produces master video synchronization for distribution throughout your system. It can genlock to an external source for synchronous processing.  Timing formats include NTSC/480i and PAL/576i.


    • Animation and key generator is a multi-function control voltage generator and video key generator designed for controlling switching and compositing functions of the colorizer and compositor section.


    • Colorizer and compositor is a multi-function analog RGB processor designed to combine two sets of RGB signals into a single composite output. Blending modes include crossfading, addition/subtraction, and multiplication. Analog color effects include color inversion, RGB solarization, and a triple band linear colorizer.


  • Ramp generator is a synchronous waveform generator which generates horizontal and vertical waveform outputs in a variety of shapes, including sawtooth, triangle, parabolic and exponential curves.  These core waveforms are used heavily for the generation of shapes and patterns.


Weight 14 oz
Dimensions6 x 6 x 3 in

26 HP

Mounting Depth

1.75 inches (44.45mm)

+12V Power Consumption


-12V Power Consumption


Video Synchronization

Sync output via rear RCA jack and 14-pin Sync Distribution Bus header. Sync input via rear RCA jack or input decoder.

Additional Info

Additional Info

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