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Modor NF-1 Polyphonic Synthesizer

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8 voice digital DSP polyphonic synth that in some ways is comparable to classic Virtual Analog synths, but Modor is moving further on from this point to create a unique, modern and very powerful synth. This is a super fun and tactile synth, not only capable of creating classic tones, but going further afield into truly out-there territory. Simply put, it's an absolute beast.

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Manufacturer: Modor

Category: Electronic Instruments



The Modor NF-1 synth is a digital DSP synth very comparable to the classic Virtual Analog synths, but Modor is moving further on from this point. We use the classic structure of VA-synths, with oscillators, filters and effects, with parameters that can be modulated using LFO's and envelopes. But every element has been rethought and reinvented. In a digital way.

The NF-1 has a classic 12dB/oct resonant filter, but also has a versatile formant filter, never seen in hardware before! It does make classic sawtooth waves, but also included are a lot of other brand new modulatable noisy waveforms! It has a classic delay effect, but we make every parameter editable to give way to special unexpected effect types.

Oscillator section:
- 3 identical fully independent oscillators
- 10 waveforms:
- SAW: pulse width modulation sawtooth wave
- SQU: pulse width modulation pulse wave
- TRI: pulse width modulation triangle wave
- SYNC: sounding like a oscillator-synced wave
- ADD: additive harmonics
- SONAR: resonant bandpass filtered noise
- WIND: wind instrument noise
- ARC: arcade game style noise
- FM: sinus FM pair
- FBFM: feedback sinus FM pair

Filter section:
- 12dB/oct resonant filter switchable as lowpass, hipass, bandpass or bandstop (notch)
- Formant filter with 3 morphing vowels, 10 vowel presets and user controllable formant frequencies

Effects section:
- 'Comb filter' effect section to create chorus, flanger, ... effects
- Delay effect section to create echo effects
- All parameters can be set independently and are modulatable

Modulation section:
- 4 3-stage envelopes, 3 level settings and 4 time settings
- 2 switchable LFO's with TRI/SAW/SQU/SIN waveforms, 1 TRI-LFO connected to modwheel, 1 random S&H with lowpass option
- Modulation matrix with 7 user-defineable modulation wires,
- 16 source signals, 59 destination signals




9V, 600 mA adapter connection, positive voltage on center pin
MIDI In / Thru / Out connections - 3 5-pin DIN connection
Audio Left and Right Outputs - 2 6.35 mm mono jack
Sustain switch - 6.35 mm mono jack
Volume / modulation pedal - 6.35 mm stereo jack
Width - 440 mm without rack ears, 480mm with rack ears (19"")
Height - 267 mm (10.5"" / 6U)
Depth - 40 mm (front) - 80 mm (back)