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Novation Circuit Tracks

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Circuit Tracks is an extraordinary standalone groovebox for the modern producer. With two refined polyphonic digital synth tracks, four drum tracks, creative FX and on-the-go capabilities, it’s the perfect hands-on device for the agile music maker.

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Manufacturer: Novation

Category: Electronic Instruments



Create instinctively. Perform immediately.

Say hello to the newest member of the Circuit family: Circuit Tracks.

Circuit Tracks is the perfect tool for performers and creators alike. Engineered to allow you to be totally flexible with your music making, Circuit Tracks is a fast and intuitive groovebox, capable of making mighty sounds that defy its diminutive proportions.

Circuit Tracks is the perfect portable partner for producers on the go. With compact, hard-wearing, and high-quality build ­– and a built-in rechargeable battery – you can make the most of its numerous features wherever inspiration strikes you. Discover your sonic style or hone your distinct sound with two refined polyphonic digital synth tracks, four drum tracks, and creative FX.

With Circuit Tracks, Novation have taken the best of Circuit and amped things up with an assortment of new features to take your music production to new heights.

Circuit Tracks is built upon the same much-loved screen-less workflow as other Circuit products. This helps simplify your creative process and allows for immediate expression of creative ideas. With features such as microtiming, probability and pattern mutate, Circuit Tracks provides the perfect creative canvas to mould and shape ever-evolving musical ideas, while scenes allow you to construct complete tracks with ease.

Take a look at Circuit Tracks in action in the video below.

Circuit Tracks is equally at home alone or amongst other music machines. Ultra functional among any of your studio equipment, you can sequence external synths and drum machines with two polyphonic MIDI tracks. Two audio inputs let you bring all your sounds into Circuit Tracks to send to FX and mix alongside its internal sounds.

Circuit Tracks is designed for immediacy and pure creative expression. Velocity-sensitive pads and tactile control help you create beats with character and feeling. Insert a microSD card to save and recall thousands of synth patches, samples and projects for endless inspiration.

As with other Novation equipment, Components lets you take customisation on Circuit Tracks up a notch. Fully personalise your instrument with custom MIDI templates and samples, or find new inspiration with exclusive artist-made sound packs. Delve into the synth engine with the redesigned synth editor to create distinctive sounds for your live electronic performances or engulfing ambient soundscapes in the studio.

Get hands on with your music and flow naturally through your music making. Hit the ground running with Circuit Tracks.

Lose yourself

Fast, intuitive and straightforward, Circuit Tracks’ workflow lets you create instinctively, without hesitation. No complex menus or scrolling, just creativity accelerated. Build intricate synth parts and load your own samples with ease, effortlessly construct sequences, douse everything with FX and keep inspired — and make the music you want to make.

Built for performers

Engineered for immediacy and pure creative expression, Circuit Tracks is a performer’s dream. Velocity-sensitive pads and tactile control with customisable patches bring you closer to your music for maximum enjoyment. Define your sound by going off-grid with microtiming, and keep evolving with probability and pattern mutate.

Go where music takes you

Circuit Tracks takes you places, whether in the studio, on stage or off the grid. Rugged, compact build and a rechargeable battery makes Circuit Tracks the perfect travel partner, so it’s never too far away when inspiration hits.

Studio powerhouse

Equally at home alone or among other music machines, Circuit Tracks is a versatile team player. Full-size MIDI in, out, and thru, plus analogue sync out, complements other gear. Two MIDI sequencer tracks let you control and program your external equipment from drum machines to effects units. Audio inputs let you bring all your sounds into the Circuit Tracks environment. Outputs provide monitoring options for all occasions.

Colossal sound

Circuit Tracks’ two polyphonic synth engines let you experiment, expand your creative capabilities and define your sonic palette. Hundreds of artist-made presets give you the perfect jumping-off point into moulding a unique sound, and you can load your own samples from a microSD card, then shape them to perfection across drum tracks.

Supercharged by Components

Delve into the synth engine on screen, create your own patches with custom macros, load samples, make MIDI templates, backup projects, and get new artist-made sounds using Components, Novation's online companion.

  • All-in-one studio
    Two synth tracks, two MIDI tracks and four drum tracks: everything you need to create and perform music
  • The agile groovebox
    Lose yourself in a hands-on production workflow. Let your creativity thrive.
  • Acclaimed, hands-on sequencer
    Create 32-step patterns, which can be chained to create sequences up to 256 steps in length, per track. Assign patterns to scenes to arrange and perform full-length songs. Go off-grid with microtiming, and keep your music evolving with probability and pattern mutate.
  • Colossal sound
    Expand your sonic capabilities with two refined polyphonic digital synth tracks. Load your own samples and shape them to perfection across drum tracks.
  • Total control of your setup
    Pilot your studio with two dedicated MIDI tracks, capable of sending notes and CC automation.
  • FX on everything
    Douse synths, drums, and incoming audio in lush reverb and delay. Then make your mix pump with sidechain and punch with the master compressor.
  • Comprehensive connectivity
    Connect to your studio with full-size five-pin MIDI in, out, and thru, and analogue sync out. Apply effects to two audio inputs, and listen through stereo out or with headphones.
  • Never stop creating
    Insert a microSD card to save and recall thousands of synth patches, samples and projects.
  • Create anywhere
    The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to four hours of battery life, so you can make beats on the move.
  • Go further with Components
    Novation Components is the online companion that lets you delve into the synth engine, load samples and backup projects.
  • Included with Circuit Tracks
    USB-C to USB-A cable, USB power supply, safety information.
  • Compatibility
    Circuit Tracks is class compliant so it will work with any modern Mac or Windows PC.




Product Hardware Specifications

  • 32 RGB backlit velocity sensitive pads
  • 28 RGB backlit tactile click buttons
  • Power button with charge status LED
  • USB-C socket
  • Kensington MiniSaver slot
  • MicroSD card slot
  • 3x MIDI DIN (In, Out, Thru)
  • 3.5mm sync out
  • 2x Mono audio in
  • L/R Stereo out
  • Headphones out
  • 8x endless encoders with RGB indicators
  • Master volume pot
  • Master filter pot with centre detent

Software Compatibility

  • Novation Circuit Tracks is class compliant so will work with any modern Mac or Windows PC.

Product Dimensions

  • USB bus powered
  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (up to 4 hour run-time). Charge via USB-C port.
    USB Power supply included

Power Requirements

  • 240mm length x 210mm depth x 30mm height (40mm height including knob caps)