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Inexplicably overlooked self-released 4-tracker of incredible dubb’d industrial stunts.

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Inexplicably overlooked self-released 4-tracker of incredible dubb’d industrial stunts captured sometime in the mid 80’s deep inside an East Midlands squat, pressed up in 2015 but only just surfacing NOW (?). Not even bothering diving any deeper into the baffling back-story of this one, I’m sold already on what’s there and the tunes! Standing shoulder to shoulder with any of the greats who dealt in this sound; Adrian Sherwood’s seminal On-U sound an obvious comparison, but also Ministry, Jah Wobble, Minister Of Noise, Belgium's KK Records, Mark Stewart and now.. REDUCER. A-sider opener ‘Feast Of The Dead’ lets off ricochetted snare-delays amidst a swarm of radio-collage cut-ups and big, dominating drums, whilst ‘Relentless Bombard’ dives a little deeper offering a blanket of guitar fuzz and very subtle rainbow rhythms hints with its tabla and eastern chants.. carefullllll. Flipping over, ‘Don’t Make Me Laugh’ in unreal; uber-moody atmospheric dubbed-out industrial drum bounce with intermittent pluck-bass and chopped vocal snippets whereas ‘Lost Chidren Of The Sun God’ spreads itself out over a more spacious expanse with mysterious eastern flute weaving between dream-sequence voices. Believe the hype!