AceMoMa EP

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Rubadub's Review

Together as AceMoMa for the first time, AceMo (Adrian Mojica) and MoMa Ready (Wyatt Stevens) have crafted a sound that captures the contrasting grit and shimmering new energy that can currently be found in New York City's electronic music scene. Booming drum & bass and four on the floor house beats are paired with airy synth leads and watery vocal samples, giving the tracks a sense of strong forward momentum as well as a softer, more introspective side. Their new four track EP sounds like what a long night out in NYC feels like in 2019.

Jenkem Recordings is the music imprint of Jenkem Magazine , a skateboarding and culture media outlet, based in the same neighborhood Mojica and Stevens are creating and performing their music. Jenkem Recordings’ main goal is to continue to push the strong connections between music and skateboarding by finding new artists to support who have a strong connection to both communities. The AceMoMa EP marks Jenkem Recordings second release, with many more to come in the future.