Time-based Architecture

Time-based Architecture

Cat#: BR07
Genre: Techno
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
For it’s seventh release, Banlieue Records showcases the work of Budapest-based producer AIWA through a mini album full of dreamy and ethereal sounds. With a subtle nod to the sound design of previous decades, AIWA is channeling inspiration from some of the more cosmic genres but never compromises on a forward thinking attitude that means this release can’t be pinned down to a specific genre, rather, it is another example of the unique music Banlieue Records is currently nurturing. From beatless tracks that are anything but static to cuts with a more club-oriented groove, AIWA’s sound is on the surface a stripped down, no frills a air. Without compromising on sounding lush, his productions invite the listener to dive deep into the worlds evoked in each track. These often convey the sense of upwards motion, while pulling the listener into a whirlpool of emotion.