Braver (Swing Ting Edits)

Alexx A-Game
Braver (Swing Ting Edits)
Swing Ting


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Rubadub's Review

In 2015 Swing Ting’s Samrai & Platt received a tune from Alexx’s manager, ‘Braver’ asking if they’d be able to contribute to the production on the track. Listening to the stems, it became apparent how amazing Alexx’s vocal delivery sounded stripped to just the Rhodes & bassline played by frequent A-Game collaborator & fellow Jamaican Vern Hill. After adding effects and flourishes the crew began playing the ‘Smooth Edit’ on Swing Ting radio shows and at DJ sets around the globe.

Requests to release the track followed from revered selectors, followers, and musical peers alike. The bittersweet number seemed to particularly resonate with Manchester-based DJs and crews such as Konny Kon (Children of Zeus/Broke’n’£nglish), Murlo & the Levelz family who’ve championed the tune over the last 12 months.