Another Exhibition

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Rubadub's Review

Originally released digitally back in 2016 and now available physically on Pro dubbed c70 cassette with risographed artwork & encased in coalesced molten candy floss blue and pink expandable foam The Modern Institute and Domestic Exile invite you to view a new album:

Another exhibition at The Modern Institute.

As communication is becoming less and less trustworthy – and one could say, purposely and progressively emptied out of meaning through politics and mass media – we search for meanings that lie elsewhere.

How can we free ourselves from set definitions enforced by spoken language’s power structures? This current exhibition (or rather the works within it) deal with the relative non-state and impossibility of that passage. This sort of empirical navigation can’t be discovered through an unavoidable application—its compass is the unconscious knot that throbs in your lower gut when you learn your therapist’s office is one level up from the fine French bistro where you first met.

In this new ambitious Exhibition by The Modern Institute, the subtle frictions of—faux—eel skin, ostrich, snake, crocodile make for a tactile image of vital interiority; and keep one from slipping haplessly through the ceiling cracks.

The Modern Institutes recent awards include Werkbeitrag, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia; Weiner Werkstipendium (Art Prize) City of Zurich, CH; and Art Prize 2011, Nationale Suisse Credit, Basel, CH; the recipient of a selection of very important awards such as the Spanish National Radio prize ‘El Rojo Crítico’, J. Vettriano Excellence Achievement, and scholarship from the Pièce Montée Fondantion in Paris. The Modern Institute have been awarded by a number of institutions including Arts Council Britain and Helvetia Arts Council, and National Council of the Kingdom of Iceland.