Attention Please

Cat#: ART-OA2
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
4th Wave appeared on the Techno scene in the mid-90’s and like a comet shone blindingly before quickly passing rarely to be seen again. Fortunately 2 glorious EP’s were left in its trailblazing wake; the Touched EP for Carl Craig’s Planet E label in 1995 and Attention Please for Kirk Degiorgio’s Op-Art offshoot label in 1996. This release has been approved by Steve Paton - the producer behind 4th Wave - who wasn’t easy to track down. Lovingly remastered from the original first generation DAT masters, this EP adds a bonus track “Lounge Music” previously released on the Objet’s D’Art III Compilation and never before available on vinyl. The music is classic golden-age UK Techno. Detroit influenced with a European twist - the original copies are scarce and only available for collectors prices on the used market. This re-issue makes all four 4th Wave Op-Art tracks available to a new generation and collectors alike.