Beads Upon An Abacus

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Beads Upon An Abacus
The Trilogy Tapes


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Rubadub's Review
Most of the songs were recorded in my flat on cassette or digital four track recorders, although a couple were done in my much-lamented studio above a morgue in The Anatomy Rooms. Compiled By Jack Murphy. 01. Theme For Gwen I think I had Gwen John in my head when I did this wee tune… but it might have been my great-auntie Gwen in London who my granny considered rather racy (she drank and swore), but I liked a lot. 02. Dr Guild Just along the road from my flat there is an old horse drinking-fountain dedicated to this 19th century physician and benefactor. 03. Mistress Forsyth’s Jump Based loosely on my granny’s tales of her teenage years, and the cold winters living as a farm servant. 04. Holburning A piano improvisation done with Susan Matthew (high notes) as we looked out onto Hoburn Street one snowy morning. 05. Persian Carpet In Reverse I liked the idea that Persian carpets always have a deliberate flaw, because nothing should be perfect. I reckoned life was the opposite… mostly flawed, but with occasional perfect bits. 07. Dr MacQueen Feeds The Media Frenzy In 1964 my city was hit by a typhoid outbreak. Dr Ian MacQueen gave daily updates to the press on deaths and infections. I was happy because the schools were shut. 08. Phosphorous Tenement A potpourri of words which appeal to me, no more. 09. Bluetit Babies An instrumental I recorded one afternoon, after seeing baby bluetits sitting in a row on a branch, whilst on my morning walk. 10. Beads Upon An Abacus About Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron. The guitar pattern is played by Jess Yong. 11. The Entrepreneurs I was getting thoroughly pissed off with Conservative values, and people using and abusing others.
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