Hiptonik Tradisi LP

Black Merlin
Hiptonik Tradisi LP
Island Of The Gods

Cat#: IOTG002
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
London’s Black Merlin is your spirit guide for an exploration of gamelan-inspired field recordings and original productions made during and after a visit to Indonesia and the neighbouring islands. Working closely with the old world musicians and sounds of the magical Bali. Recording Gamelan, Gong, Bamboo and a number of field recordings from around the island. Jungles, sea, island wildlife and everything in between were recorded, capturing the atmosphere of the Islands. The raw recordings were then taken back to his studio in London, where he crafted the recordings; re interpreting them into a full Lp. Taking on a soundscape and hypnotic sound, which embodies the spirit of Indonesia through his own vision. A tropical Voyage captured on the beautiful LP.
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