Chapter I : The Black Godess (AΦOR)

Chapter I : The Black Godess (AΦOR)

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Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
“CHAPTER I: THE BLACK GODDESS (AΦOR)” is the latest work from the DJ and producer BLAKE (aka Will Blake) which will land on his debut label TRITON RECORDS featuring the Detroit legend Scan 7. To launch the label, BLAKE has called upon the most influential Detroit artist Abdul Qadim Haqq (Third Earth Visual Arts), designer of historical releases of among others Underground Resistance, Metroplex and Transmat, who has conceived, curated and realized the entire artwork project of TRITON RECORDS, its logo and the astonishing EP cover. BLAKE’s works give emphasis to warm sounds coming from his tapes, samplers, drum machines and analogic synthesizers. He has always been inspired by the music from Detroit. For this EP, BLAKE has realized 2 high-quality tracks expertly crafted for the dance floor and 1 warm techno soul cut that has been remixed by Scan 7 with his unique touch. The Intro of the EP will let the listener experience the birth of the planet Triton and will drive him to spatial soundscapes