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Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
Following a highlight inclusion on the CARGAA series of 12s from a few years back, DJ Nigga Fox loads up a solo six round super sharpshooters for Warp. Landing alongside recent records by Lorenzo Senni and Clark that hark back to the DJ roots of the label, while following the tradition to push further into the horizon than most. While the bass-heavy display of all things Kuduro are of course here in a very heavy dose, Crânio sees DJ Nigga Fox's psychedelic beat science pushed even further outward and into new areas of experimentation. Taking in all manner of tribal trance, farside footwork, ecstatic electro and gut-wrenching grime to produce one of the most banging records to emerge from the Lisbon scene yet. While previous sides from the Principe elder have seen the pace pushed to extreme lengths, the mind-boggling ecstacy on offer here twists and bounces the music down into a dancehall tempo. Each track offers a new way to experience this sound as if the new dimensions offered by the slow-motion movements offer the true scope of DJ Nigga Fox's quest to make music expertly crafted for dancefloors, yet is sure to spark off synapses in both your brain, bedroom and local nightclub basement. A truly riveting listening experience from start to finish.