Crypto / These Are The Beats

Jasper James
Crypto / These Are The Beats
Mitchell Street Records

Cat#: JASP001
Genre: House
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review

Following his previous releases on respected imprints such as Optimo Trax and last year’s remix of Romanthony’s ‘Give U Up’ on Glasgow Underground, Jasper introduces his own label with two of his most ID’d weapons over the last few months, ‘Crypto’ and ‘These Are The Beats’.

The lead track ‘Crypto’ is a hypnotic builder showcasing a new, musical maturity expertly applied to his own productions. Digging deeper into the house and techno sounds he has been laying around the world since his early twenties, his heads down production sound is inspired by deeper moments on the dancefloor, whilst retaining the energy his own DJ sets are internationally renowned for.

On the flip ‘These Are The Beats’ rolls out more hypnotic lead lines and drum machine rolls to further the themes established by Crypto, plunging the dancer into a deeper state of consciousness without getting the dancefloor energy needed to hold your attention in the early hours of the morning.

The sound of Jasper’s recent productions are the result of years of musical development; birthed in the basements of Subclub and refined the world over. Mitchell Street Records is a reflection of his own musical tastes, an outlet to showcase the music he loves to play.