Spatial Cues

Cat#: CUES004
Genre: Techno
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
Spatial Cues is a series of split singles sounding out main(void)’s and Kon Janson’s shared musical space. Operating out of Berlin and London, the two artists join forces to showcase their mutual vision of techno music. CUES004 accelerates the series to 133 BPM and ramps up intensity with thumping kick drums and uncompromising arrangements that revolve around ceaseless chord stabs. With its hypnotizing chord pattern drifting in and out of arced echoes and subtle shifts in timbre, CUES004 A’s haunting atmosphere radiates a surreal sense of weightless pressure, paradoxically soothing and violent at the same time. Based on a divergent theme that contrasts upfront chord stabs and ruthless 909 cymbals with easeful pads and finespun textures, CUES004 B builds up to a transition that disrupts the deeper elements with a stripped-down pattern, fully carving out the track’s inherent grittiness.
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