Dolo 3
Cat#: TTT069
Genre: House, Techno
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
The drum-funked alias of Andrew Field-Pickering (Beautiful Swimmers, Lifted) drops the drum, the whole drum, and nothing but the drum for The Trilogy Tapes on a 3rd session of Dolo Percussion. Quite possibly our favourite output from Mr. AF-P, these are purest dancer and DJ specials built for tracky application and meant to be played in-the-mix with other equally infectious rhythms or tonal content for optimal effect. Up top, he percolates a palette of Afro-Cuban drums in a recursive tizzy tying your limbs in fluid syncopation with Dolo 9, before rocking the bells under wickedly asymmetric cross-patterns on Dolo 10. Down below, he goes on with the deadliest West London broken beat simmer in Dolo 12, then whips ‘em into a polymetric vortex on Dolo 12. This may well have outdone Dolo 2.