Dusk / Grey Skies (i)

Lo Kindre
Dusk / Grey Skies (i)
Phase Group

Cat#: PHASE002.5
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
'Dusk/Grey Skies (i)' features two tracks recorded by Glasgow-based artist Daniel Magee during the coronavirus lockdowns of 2020. They mark an evolution in production sound for the Lo Kindre project and can be interpreted as a meditation on the events that are transpiring globally at the moment. 'Dusk' is a slow-building journey soundtracking walks through empty city streets as night falls. Sombre modulating pads underlie a slow and sparse drum machine and bass combination, leaving space for explorative, rhythmic and longing synth melodies to interplay overhead. In 'Grey Skies (i)' we’re lead straight into trance induction, swirling modulating pads returning, echoing over a dub bassline, droning synth and minimal drum machine. Once again the melodies perforate the foreground, this time echoing out into the haze and taking you further under.