Eastern Codes

East Man
Eastern Codes
Padre Himalaya

Cat#: PH005
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
East Man returns with a four track EP that explores his own Hi Tek take on Grime, stripping everything down to the raw, bare essentials. Opening the EP is Fight For A Cause, a rough a fuzzy sub bass driven exercise in beat science that draws as much upon Dancehall as it does Grime. The second track, Selector, is a straight up DJ tool, utilising an alternating 32 bar pattern interspersed with splashes of pirate radio chatter. The flip side opens with the storming Bandit Country. The subdued intro lulling you into a false sense of security before the beats and bass are unleashed in full attack mode, the relentless onslaught pausing only briefly midway for you to catch your breath before continuing on it's devastating path. The closing track, Darkage, is an ominous brooding affair that those of you familiar with East Man's sets will know well. A real head nodding roller, it's definitely one for the technical DJ's.