Eat My Codes If your Light Falls

Tralala Bli
Eat My Codes If your Light Falls
Someone Good

Cat#: RMSG020LP
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
Eat My Codes If Your Light Falls is their first full length album in over five years. It charts out an entirely new sonic universe that is the resolution of several years of intense live performance and expanded studio experiments. Produced by Lawrence English, the record explodes their working methodologies and reveals a collective sacred heart that is fuelled by their intoxicating post-electro pop melodies and diarised lyrical poems. Eat My Codes If Your Light Falls is in many ways the first work in a new chapter of what Tralala Blip are becoming. It resolves their experimental practices and focuses that energy within a tight framework of explicit song form and entirely personal production aesthetics. This is their voice, articulating their stories. It’s for us to listen and begin to understand that which lies in parallel with our everyday. Beyond their extensive performance commitments, they have presented their work as special guests of TEDx, have had a stage production created about them and have instigated many workshops for other differently abled musicians and artists. Their goal is to reconsider the nature of creativity, especially music making and to push these process beyond any sense of the normative or commonplace.