eleVAte Volume 1

eleVAte Volume 1
Dext Recordings

Cat#: DEXTVA001
Format: Vinyl
Pre-Order £11.00
Rubadub's Review
Boasting a discography of over 18 releases, inclusive of composers such as Special Request and Mark Broom, through to Nightwave and Hodge, DEXT Recordings celebrate 5 years with a V/A compilation from label affiliates Commix (Endian), Appleblim, Otik, and Pugilist. 'eleVAte Vol. 1' explores the more profound and invigorating, sonic excursions that the label's artists have to offer. Fresh from an EP on Midland's intergraded imprint, Otik returns for a disjointed offering with paranoid synth work and an arpeggio that fizzes through the tweeters. Pugilist offers up dub stabs, analogue sirens with blips of space echo on 'Eclipse', with a garage swing and Rhodes, contrasting a ruff and ready sound palate of bass weight. Metalheadz signee Commix, (AKA Endian), returns to DEXT for a tumbling UK bass track with swung percussion and side-chained textures of rising crackle. Skull Disco, Applepips boss and dubstep icon Appleblim, returns from a recent album on Sneaker Social Club, offering 'Hydrothermal Vents', that sees him taint a 126bpm framework with his dubstep-tinged roots, providing room for the groove to move.
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