Elixir Of Immortality

Elixir Of Immortality
Natural Selection

Cat#: NASE01
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review

Bad technology. Missed calls. Broken languages. International timezones. Fourth world fantasies. Late night conversations - these are just some of the elements that combine to make 'Elixir Of Immortality' one of the most compelling records you will hear all year. It's 'ambient', it's 'jazz', it's 'electronic' - but not as we know it. In fact, it's everything all at once, in one huge psychedelic, synthesised burst of colour and sound. Distant rhythms jostle for position in the dense fogs of melody and dub, dislocated voices and instruments weave in and out of the mix and we eventually find ourselves surrendering to the sheer sonic beauty and complexity that greets us when the smoke clears. There's no point in trying to studiously navigate the verdant, psycho-geographic terrain that the cosmonaut Mårble is busy terraforming with his unique blend of musical expressionism, it's better to let the winds carry you further downstream and open yourself to possibilities. Dip your toes in. A truly special collection of music from the furthest reaches of the other side of St.Petersburg, curated with love and care by the ears and minds behind Nummer. Artwork and design courtesy of Atelier Superplus. 2018.