Filhos De Gandhi: Brasingles Vol. 3

Edson Conceicao
Filhos De Gandhi: Brasingles Vol. 3
Optimo Music

Cat#: OMSD005
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
For the fifth release of Selva Discos, the label returns with another volume of the Brasingles series. It's another tried-and-tested dancefloor burner: Edson Conceição's "Filhos de Gandhi", a homage to the "Carnaval da Bahia", on its beatless original version and the drumtastic Mike Burns edit on the flip, featured on Selvagem's Boiler Room set. This song is originally featured on Edson's album "Quem Tem Fé Não Sai" from 1977, which has been a very sought-after LP for the past 4 years, and its almost spoken-word nature tells the legend about the Filhos de Gandhy carnival group, one of the most traditional of Salvador (the capital of Bahia state), while an entrancing Afoxé vocal chant takes over the chorus. A few years ago, Austrian DJ and digger Mike Burns did his own version of it, taking "Filhos de Gandhi" to a different level, adding to the original storytelling the power of drums, and it can take dancefloors to different levels as well with its uptempo and contagious rhythms, turning any party in a Carnival party. "Filhos de Gandhi" marks the third volume of the BRASINGLES series, the Selva Discos' series dedicated to releasing loud 12" singles with the original song on the A side and a rework on the B side, to please both the DJ and the listener – the one that brought the Wolf Müller edit of Barbatuques' Baianá on vol. 2.