Floating On A Trippy Biscuit

Hugh B
Floating On A Trippy Biscuit
Outer Time Inner Space

Cat#: OTIS003
Genre: House
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
Following on from OTIS002 Jon & Hugh - Another view, one half of the production duo and OTIS label boss Hugh B steps out on his own for OTIS003. Floating On a Trippy Biscuit is a 4 track excursion through deep textures, roaming drum machines, sliced breaks and dub echoes. With a nod to early Jungle duos (RIP), a psychedelic love letter to UK Broken Beat, a remix from OTIS family member Sean Thomas that pays respect to the UK Deep scene of the late 90s and a deep, valium-laced House groove designed for post-rave reflection. OTIS003 is a dreamy meditation amidst the occasional chaos of the rave, a blissful trip through the styles of “dance music” this label holds dear.