Freak Beats 002

Freak D
Freak Beats 002
Freak Beats

Cat#: FREAK002
Genre: House
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
Staying true to those bottom heavy US house vibes, the Freak is back with a release even chunkier than the first on this imprint. The mysterious and self proclaimed creator of 'concrete funk' ensures that all four tracks of this release deserve serious floor space. Side A is a perfect merger off a Chicago v Detroit sound, with jacking drums overlapping deep but never dull chords and stabs. With stabs of vocals reminding the room that you are seriously 'Mackin tha Heat'. The B-side shows a completely different sound to the freak with chunky acid house sounds accompanied by a track that has a hypnotic techno style groove from start to end.