Magic Mountain

Furious Frank
Magic Mountain
Ken Oath

Cat#: KEN005
Genre: House
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review

On 005 Ken turns away from the light and invites you into the dark with Adelaide’s Furious Frank, who dishes up a selection of psychedelic burners and formidable squelch. On this release Frank pays tribute to the many mushroom picking spots in the surrounding hills of his hometown, and does them justice with an assortment of broken beats, affected drum flourishes and paranoid synths. Over the course of the 5-tracker, Frank presents sounds for the frayed final edges of a night out dancing, where shadows start to play tricks on the mind and each remaining track poses more questions than answers. None typify this nervous energy more so than A2 “Dangerous Dancer”, with it’s smoked out electro punctuated by a wailing 303 intended for dancers that may have gone too far, but are willing to take the next step.

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