Heavy Merging

Heavy Merging
Opal Tapes

Cat#: BOP017
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
On this new EP for Black Opal, Ravitz presents four distinct tracks that further establish his gift for evocative techno loaded with feeling and cloaked in the seductive haze of a grainy signal chain. “Heavy Merge” already feels emotionally weighted as it swoons with the lilting pitch of its pads and the fuzzy bite of a 303, but then “Balance Acid” pushes its own billowing veil of tape-warped melody further up in the mix for a particularly dewy-eyed excursion. In contrast to the grounded, humanistic verve of the A side, “No One Needs Nothing” has a sense of futurism that aims skywards, even with the same ingredients of dusty acid lines, woozy synths and frosty drums powering the sound. “Too Many Takes” runs with this theme, strapping the sonics to an electro framework and fusing dubwise spatial awareness with a limber dance metre led by the blip of the Roland bassline generator. credits