In Pursuit
Cat#: BRXPR001
Genre: House, Techno
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review

Burning Rose and Pelvis records meet in the middle to dish up Dormir, a two piece machine from Melbourne, Australia featuring Morgan Wright (formerly of Melbourne hardcore act Imprisoned) and Harry Maslen (formerly of Postblue). Two tracks of blacked out vocal electronics originally released on cassette are now brought to the floor with remixes by Leo James (Canyons, Berceuse Heroique) and Cop Envy (Opal Tapes, Templar Sound). Cover art by Misha Hollenbach (P.A.M.) squares the corners on this all Australian slab of sound.

Burning Rose was founded in Sydney in 2016. We aim to present the freshest unheard voices of the Australian underground. Our community is nothing without our comrades, creators, and supporters. We aim to give back as much as possible to those who strengthen our practice. We’ll never lose sight of this.

Through our shows, records and parties, we bring everything that we put online into a real and tangible environment.

Based in Sydney and Melbourne, Pelvis are a multifaceted leisure system celebrating dance, music, film and spatial design through their parties, clothing, record label and other projects.

Coital embellishers, tailors of state, gland enhancers, dance party Linux; a black economy enterprise, forever slippery and uncatchable.