A Kind Robin, Latent Space

J Chrysalis
A Kind Robin, Latent Space
Blank Mind

Cat#: BLNK011
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
A Kind Robin and Latent Space are two club tracks which have been quietly making their mark over the past year since first being heard on Rinse via Ben UFO. Produced between London and France in 2017-18, these tracks explore grief and transformation. A beautifully arranged melancholic roller, A Kind Robin guides us through an Escherian wormhole with birdsong. On the flip, Latent space is a Gqom meets Robert Abel dreamscape - joyfully queer and luminous. These carefully crafted tracks are defined by a bucolic sensibility and underlying intensity, yielding their own vivid self-contained worlds whilst remaining effective and club conscious. Its a bold introduction to a refreshing and singular producer.