L’Exil Part 0.

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Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
Éditions Appærent & Bernardino Femminielli are proud to present his first 2020 LP L’Exil. The album is composed of lost Plaisirs Américains sessions recorded in Montréal, Quebec. Lyrics were written and recorded in Paris and Berlin in 2019 and mixed again in Montréal in early 2020 by producer Dominic Vanchesteing (Plaisirs Américains, Double Invitation). L’Exil is the “pre-conclusion” (Prequel / Part 0) to two other LP’s— Johnny 4ever (Part I) and Nobody’s Boy: Johnny (Part II)— which will be released later this year. L’Exil, the album, the performance, the satire, took shape after the notorious arrest of Bernardino Femminielli by American border authorities during a US tour in 2018. Instantly, the American Pleasures, the American dream became obsolete, irrelevant, of the past. The showman and his anguished wife decide to abandon their failing restaurant, their debts and their meagre North American livelihood to wander the old continent in search of a fresh start.