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  • TV.OUT L.I.E.S

    Clocking in with four tracks, these guys move with ease from classic Franfurt style New Beat to ...
  • Krikor L.I.E.S

    Originally released as a limited run cassette o Editons Gravats label, we now get an official vin...
  • Torn Hawk L.I.E.S

    That's right, you can't make this kind of stuff up and here its decidedly the time to take everyt...
  • Svengalisghost L.I.E.S

    Svengalisghost captured here in his most true form, the live setting. This recording comes direct...

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  • ADMX-71 L.I.E.S

    Techno veteran Adam-X dons his ADMX-71 moniker with three tracks of subterranean, cyborb, body mu...

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