Cat#: LAR001
Genre: House
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
Melbourne’s Love Above Records debut release is a 4 track Various Artists 12”. Featured on the release are label directors ​Ryan Berkeley​ (Love Above Records, Houses In Motion) and ​Dawn Again​ (Love Above Records, Blind Jacks Journey, Rothmans, Porn Wax.. ) alongside fellow Melbourne natives ​DJ Heure​ (Distant Hawaii, All My Thoughts) and ​Norachi ​(Butter Sessions). Additional production by Ingrid Parry-Hayden. Mastering by Corey Kikos (Sleep D, Butter Sessions). Artwork by Galen Strachan. On the A side we jump straight into Ryan Berkeley’s “Round The Ride”, a slab of club ready house music. A fantastic, earworm of a vocal is laid over a hypnotic groove that builds and builds until it all combines in a full-blown, hands-in-the-air, 3 am weapon. Norachi’s “Ffffred” takes a different approach. A woozy concoction that is reminiscent of 90’s tech house. It combines a kaleidoscopic array of elements that all whirl around each other to create a great afterhours trip. On the B-Side is DJ Heure’s “HUH”, an infectious cut of boom-bap influenced breakbeat house. Some gorgeous chords, set over a jumbling, throwback rhythmic groove. Think Andres meets Regelbau. And the final track is Dawn Again’s “Wuthering Heights”, a warm, fuzzy, chuggy deep house jam. An undeniably pumping bassline set amidst a bunch of jazzy chords and whispering, seductive vocals.
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