Liquid Sunlight

Liquid Sunlight

Cat#: BAR020
Format: Vinyl

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Rubadub's Review
Consists of four tracks: "Quicksilver Surprise", "Behold The Spirit", "Crystals In Your Mind" and "Liquid Soul" which all share common qualities of his previous work - deep, spacey, richly textured and just really well crafted electro music. Throughout the record's various moods, there's an undertone of melancholy and beauty. What Cygnus does so masterfully here is combine the futuristic imagery with deeply human emotions, a juxtaposition which makes the result feel much deeper than the sum of those parts. Without a doubt, "Liquid Sunlight" is a wonderful example of how electro in 2019 can sound. Respectful to the genre's tradition yet looking toward the future. Technology led but deeply grounded in the human condition. Engaging in solitary home listening, powerful at 4 AM in the club.