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Mas Amable


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Rubadub's Review
to whom it may concern... its too beautiful to embrace change and to challenge urself to find something meaningful in it... i love my friends and love is deep :') i want them to know that always... but sometimes i get busy and overwhelmed n im not the best at saying how i feel always... just want to sit around and talk and feel understood together w someone who you like or u find interesting.. thats the best :) and if the day is nice or if the day is not nice but ur inside and its cozy.. thats too wicked. and ur making a soup and eating it together... just with the stuff in the kitchen.. dont even go out to get ingredients.. no need to follow a recipe.. cause ur grandma taught u to cook w the "sazon" (cooking by tasting w as u go on adding diff ingredients and spices.. no recipes. .. u can only really cook if u can freestyle in the kitchen she said).. and then u think about how ur grandma taught u that.. and your w someone in the kitchen making something together.. and then u taste it and it warms u up and ur like damn this is fire.. thats what this and i think maybe what "its all" about... thank u for taking time to read this and i hope you enjoy the album... kiss u... brian Across 50 minutes of seamlessly arranged transitions from lush field recordings to hip-gripping dembow permutations and semi-conscious and tripped-out vocals, Python dangles the dance by a fine conceptual thread that ties the constant rhythmic chronics to their subtly shifting tonal/textural variables. Call it ambient-jugle-dancehall, avant-dembow, deep reggaeton, whatever; it’s just an incredible record for lovers of rhythm and sound of all stripes. Starting up with five minutes of rustling, shoreside ambience in ‘Te Conocí’, the album elegantly and rudely shifts its weight between seven mutations of dembow’s tressilo drum pattern and junglist markers, toggling the pressure gauge from gently propulsive sway in ‘Pia’ to tighter, darker steppers type in ‘Alejandro’ and wavey whistling melodies in ‘oooophi’, before technoid neuro D&B stabs light up ‘Descales’ and it all fades out in the narcotically effective downstroke and tripped vox of ‘ADMSDP’, and slunks into the deep blue reggaeton electronica of ‘Juntos’ and ‘mmmm’.